MPTV Filter Platinium IRND 1,2
MPTV Filter Platinium IRND 1,2


Für Professionelle Ergebnisse bei Video-, Film- und Fernsehaufnahmen

Die Flächenfilter der MPTV-Serie passen in Kompendien der Größen 4 x 4, 4 x 5,65 und 6,6 x 6,6 Inch (Dicke: 4 mm).

Extrem hochwertiges und homogenes Glas sorgt für den jeweils gewünschten Filtereffekt. Die planparallel geschliffenen und feinpolierten Glasflächen garantieren die exakte Parallelität der Glasoberfläche.

MPTV- Filter von Schneider Kreuznach liefern eine kompromisslose optische Leistung für beste Aufnahmeergebnisse.



Eliminate the undesirable effects of IR contamination or pollution that can occur when photographing bright scenes with digital cinema CMOS sensor cameras. Can be used as an IR Reduction filters or in combination with ND, controlling exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast.

IRND: True Blacks from HD Cameras Cinematographers have found that many of today’s high definition cameras have a high sensitivity to light just beyond the visible range. This can be beneficial in extending the color gamut of digital cameras to closely approach that of traditional film. However, light in the IR spectrum can also cause unwanted false color shifts and prevent the camera’s imagers from capturing true black tones.

To solve this problem, Schneider’s new Platinum Series IRND filters limit the light striking the camera’s CCD or CMOS imager to the visible spectrum. By carefully calculating the cutoff frequency in nanometers, Schneider has been able to produce a near infrared cut filter that lets users of High Definition cameras get the most out of their camera gear. This means the benefit of an extended color gamut without the worry of unwanted false colors. Eliminating the near infrared light leakage lets the camera maintain true color rendition in the blacks while maintaining high MTF of its lenses and camera system.

2-in-1 Function

The Platinum IRND combines the best attributes of Schneider’s Platinum series IR filter and Neutral Density (ND) filters in a single convenient package. Blending two effects into one filter makes it possible to have less glass in front of the lens – lowering the risk of a dirty surface, flairs, reflections between the layers, or even the miniscule loss of clarity that may occur when using multiple filters simultaneously.

Great as a standard ND

Schneider Platinum Series IRND filters are free of off-axis color shift regardless of the focal length and can be stacked without introducing reflections. In addition, they can be used with all current digital and film cameras as IRND or standard N.D.