MPTV Filter Circular True Pol
MPTV Filter Circular True Pol

MPTV Filter - Circular True-Pol


Application: To prevent viewfinder black-out on cameras which employ polarizing elements in the beam-splitters of the viewing system, like Arriflex 435 and MovieCam Compact.
Camera beam splitters send light in two directions: to an eyepiece and to a video tap. Light in a camera’s viewing system can become polarized, and when a standard (linear) polarizing filter is attached to the lens, the light becomes cross polarized. This hinders visibility and can create total blackout of the viewing image and/or the videotap.

Circular Polarizers employ a two layer design to prevent blackout. The first layer is made of the polarizing substance used in all True-Pol filters. Layer two is made of a 1/4-wave retarder plate to prevent cross-polarization. To ensure correct lens barrel placement, Schneider clearly marks the Circular True-Pol filters’ outer surface.


Applications: The most effective polarizer made for cine and electronic cameras, Schneider True-Pol filters have an extinction ratio of ER 374, twelve times more effective than other such filters! Unmatched in ability to:
• Reduce glare & unwanted reflections
• Saturate colors & improve contrast
• Deepen blue skies
• Penetrate haze