MPTV Filter Linear True Pol®
MPTV Filter Linear True Pol®

MPTV Filter - Linear True Pol


True-Pol Linear Polarizer True-Pol filters utilize polarizing film which is laminated between two pieces of Schneider’s crystal-clear, water-white optical glass. The filter is protected against edge-chipping and delamination by a unique Edge Seal process, which also reduces edge reflections & flare. The absolute clarity of the glass combined with advanced polarizing material make True-Pol filters particularly useful on demanding scenes, like shooting through windshields in rigged vehicles. Cinematographers report that True-Pol filters capture more color saturation, wider tonal range and greater contrast inside the car.


Applications: The most effective polarizer made for cine and electronic cameras, Schneider True-Pol filters have an extinction ratio of ER 374, twelve times more effective than other such filters! Unmatched in ability to:
• Reduce glare & unwanted reflections
• Saturate colors & improve contrast
• Deepen blue skies
• Penetrate haze