PERMAJET FB Royal Gloss 310
PERMAJET FB Royal Gloss 310

PermaJet FB Royal Gloss 310

Ein exzellentes 310 g/m² schweres Papier mit einem naturweißen Ton, säurefrei und mit feinwelliger Basis. Einem klassischen Barytpapier aus der Dunkelkammer zum Verwechseln ähnlich. Ein Top-Kandidat für jedes Schwarzweiß- oder Farbbild.

FB Royal Gloss is an amalgamation of the most popular characteristics and features of FB Gloss & FB Royal. The enhanced coating has been placed on a new 310gsm base, delivering a flatter product for easy printer loading. It has a beautiful, natural white, acid-free base with the same subtle undulations in the paper base itself. Improved multi-layer technology delivers the highest colour gamut with pigment inks which delivers an exceptionally high D-Max rating which enhances both colour & monochrome reproductions.

• Weight – 310gsm
• Thickness – 0.34mm
• Whiteness – 98.5
• Coatings – Single-sided, microporous acid free art paper
• Primary Features – Instant touch dry, Gloss finish, Excellent tonal range, Versatile for both colour & monochrome printing, Optical brighteners.

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